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"Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" [2023] out on streaming services now!

The dubstep EP called "#NewMusic" [2024] is now on Bandcamp/Artcore!

"Audiomack Electronic (Now Trending) -CaligoA9C is on an experimental dnb grind and his new project (The Mudstep 2) is FIRE"

Actually I didn't really care about much more than rapping and stuff until I realized that dubstep is also equally important to me, not to mention that I started to spend my weekends producing tracks. When all of this went through my head a couple of years ago I just had to get my new music online or it was all going to be a huge waste of time. I really don't want to define my sound as something else than dubstep but I'm sure that there are certain influences from other sources, I've been listening to DnB and jungle for years and when you mix this together with some liquid funk/garage you get that Stockholm hi-fi sound, sometimes with some trap vibes added. Anyways it's urban music, it's new stuff making you crank up the volume.



Don't miss out on the Together EP

check it out now and enjoy the rest of the summer!!


New single: "The Night" is in stores now, just follow the link!


Got another one ready, you might not believe it but my first official album"The Mudstep" is done

and put on hold until further notice. Since I enjoy creating music this project is very important to me personally

and when all of the studio work is done sometimes it feels like everything that's left is uploading tracks

and writing this text. Feels good, can't really complain, stay tuned for "The Mudstep" dropping in 2020!

Oh, by the way most tracks are already online just check out


Just chilling at the moment, "The Mudstep" is going to be released 2020-01-01 so if you like what you hear

remember to check it out because this album is going to be something else! Remastered tracks from the Together EP,

new stuff and of course the soon-to-be-classic new track "Into U" which actually is one of my best ones this

far. If you want more dubstep, check out or scroll down.


New dubstep album in stores! (The Mudstep, 2020). Check it out now:


Another album is done! (Raw Material, 2020). This one is a collection not to mention a double album, old classics and new tracks guaranteed to blast your speakers. Check it out on Spotify, Itunes etc:


I'm currently working on a new EP and at the same time waiting for Raw Material to reach listeners. 2020 is going to be great so just stay tuned

and check out the latest drops in case you missed anything. Can't really comment on it but all I can say at the moment is that is it going to be new music and that I've been digging through my collection of samples to find the rare ones that will keep people listening for years. Most tracks are on Soundcloud already:


Got my first official release in a couple of days, This is where I am from "Raw Material" is dropping with help from Behavior Recordings and I'm really looking forward towards it, not to mention that the new EP labeled "Extra Raw The EP"just got done last night. What more can I say? It's been some productive months and it still feels like I can produce more tracks, anyways check out the new track now:


Got some new tracks out, add these to your playlist this summer and thank you for listening:


New album "The Mudstep 2" in stores:

What's up? Already trending on Audiomack. I would love to comment but I'm just toally exhausted, finally released this (according to my personal taste) masterpiece, check it out and enjoy!!


Recovering from dropping my latest album. It has been some long nights not to mention that I've been missing out on the rest of reality for to long. I've now produced more than 65 tracks in a year, thank you all for listening and keeping it real out there. Next release ("Open Road" with help from Mojoheadz Records) will be on 2020-12-18. Are you a producer/rapper/DJ/vocalist? Hit me up for a collab, ( could be a win-win. Can't believe it's going to be cold outside again soon.


Currently working on "Break Out The Dubstep", check out the artwork/links below! Some tracks are already online so if you are looking for something new, don't hesitate to visit any of my social media pages:



Got some new track uploaded on social media, working on "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" and I'm having a good time trying to wrap up this year. I can't really complain with +70 tracks done not to mention that I've got another one dropping 2020-12-18 (Open road, Mojoheadz Records). I'm going to try to hook you up with HQ MP3s (didn't have the opportunity before) but that's another story. Enjoy the new tracks and don't forget the albums.


HQ tracks are up, took me a couple of days but I figured that if I want to do it then I would get it done before this year ends. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the list, also available at


New single called "Open Road" (MojoHeadz Records) in stores now!! Listen to it on Spotify:


Seems like the official release date for "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" will be pushed forward, long story. Good news: Behaviour Recordings will be releasing the new track "How To Be Original" on their label, I'm really looking forward to this.


New track out now! "CaligoA9C - How To Be Original" (Behaviour Recordings) Listen to it on Spotify:


Seems like "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" will be released later this year. I ran into some trouble but it will be available in all major stores once everything is worked out. I might remaster it before the official release. Sorry for the long wait if you are a Spotify listener! On the other hand, Audiomack is popping off so if you want some HQ dubstep there are new tracks from my next project out now. Enjoy!


New single out now! Listen to "Soul Fever" on Spotify:


Got some new tracks out:

New albums "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" and "Wub Dubs" will be released on streaming services in 2022! Thank you for listening!


Working on some new tracks, first one called "Take A Trip Down Memory Lane" out now!! Scroll down to the music player or visit


Reached 100 tracks last week, feels good to be honest with you. I'm trying to optimize my social media and get my albums done so that "Wub Dubs" and "Break Out The Dudstep Vol. 2" can be released like they are supposed to. I'm also going to try to shoot a music video, might go for a visualizer but that's another story. Anyways thank you for listening and don't forget to follow me on Spotify!


Celebrating 100 tracks. Social media update this time, just follow the Linktree or scroll down to the web player! Once again, thank you for listening!


Updating today, it's been a while, been a great year this far and I've been producing music non-stop so I figured I should really write something. If you think about it there is really no other source of information if you are wondering stuff about me but to be honest with you I'm trying to be more personal and friendly on social media in general, it's 2022 after all. I had to give "Wub Dubs" another round of mastering, some people would release stuff that will make them progress further right now, nothing wrong with that but I would rather go for something that could turn into a classic. I'm releasing it soon, right after "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" later this year. Thank you for listening, keep it real and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Ran into some trouble when mastering the new albums, not to mention I've been busy trying to survive in this town. I was planning on getting a new distributor but the situation changed. "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" and "Wub Dubs" will be released officially in 2023, the old tracks will be updated ("Who Is It Riddim" was the first upload) and I will make sure that it wasn't all for nothing. Sorry for keeping you waiting and thank you once again for listening!


Got some tracks ready and uploaded, working on "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2", might get into some video editing or social media updates when I have time to spare but until then, have a nice weekend! I hope you like the new tracks (both the new ones and the remastered ones). Registered today so I'm updating this site soon!


Check out the Youtube channel, got two new visualizer videos uploaded! Remember to subscribe for updates:

"Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" have been remastered and uploaded, out soon on streaming services! Listen now:


I have been busy this year, went back to school and also reworked "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" to make it sound just like I imagined it. Had to replace a track, doesn't happen very often but I have a theory about that, sometimes you need to test a track or a melody just to see if it's good enough. Then you have to listen to it and make up your mind about it, but due to the fact that you have already convinced yourself then you are not honest with your opinion. Anyways, summer has been great and I've moved back to the south side of Stockholm, got a lovely view and a nature conservation area where I can collect my thoughts. I know I'm not very personal when it comes to my social media updates, usually I just let the music speak for me. Feels easier since I hit 75K (total plays) on Audiomack and to be honest with you I have another double album ready that has not been scheduled for release yet. That's one of my problems, I tend to focus on producing music instead of getting albums ready and uploaded. Enough for this time, enjoy the rest of the summer and thank you for listening!


Got a new album uploaded, this one is called "Faded Dubstep" [2023]! Focusing less on vocals and more on basslines, get the new tracks and remastered classics in this collection right here. Listen 4 free at Audiomack or Reverbnation. Check out the for more options, thank you for listening and have a great day!


I've finally got a release date for "Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2"! The album will drop on streaming services 2023-11-18. I've been working really hard to get this one done. Had to replace a track and remaster the whole album because it was supposed to sound better then Vol. 1, not to mention it was already supposed to be released by now, meaning I had serious pressure on me to at least get it done before this year was over. Haven't started on "Wub Dubs" yet, it's already done in one way but since this album sounded so good when it was remastered then I'm not sure how to proceed with the other one. Anyways, the plan says after new years eve so I'm aiming for the first or second quarter of 2024. Thank you for listening, don't forget to pre-save and follow me on Spotify. I will post an update when the album is out, peace!


"Break Out The Dubstep Vol. 2" out on streaming services now!

I now have "Faded Dubstep" and "Break Out The Dubstep Vol.2" uploaded and ready. I might be exhausted, or maybe I'm just waiting for new years eve? Don't know. I seriously had to get them done, didn't want to fail since I had set the release date myself. I really like the visualizers for "Not Afraid Riddim" and "Who Is It Riddim", I suppose it's 2024 soon after all. I can't believe that I used to be a guy just chilling in the recording studio with the crew, now I'm a guy that knows how to produce full length albums and add visualizers to tracks. Yeah, things have changed around, shoutout to all the Audiomack listeners while I'm at it! Enjoy all the new music and if I'm not updating this blog in a while, just wanted to say thank you all for listening and have a happy new year!


Got new tracks uploaded! (

This winter I'm working on some 2024 releases and a major backup of all my music. This is the last update before the holidays, be sure to check out the new uploads and once again, thank you for listening! "Wub Dubs" is already an Audiomack classic, in other words, that was all the hard work and boring stuff. Releasing an album that people already seem to like can be nothing but fun. Get ready for "Wub Dubs", dropping on streaming services the first or second quarter of 2024. By the way, we just got Threads in Europe, I was going to joke about the internet and how it's supposed to be equal due to the name (world wide web?) but that's another story. Yeah I'm also on Threads, I'm actually on most social media platforms but I prefer having my own website as an artist, or maybe I just like writing blogs?


New tracks out now! This one is called "Discoveries", have a nice weekend people, thank you for listening!


3-2-1..... And we are back online. Sorry for not updating my domain in time, it's not always easy keeping a site running. Check out the new tracks, trying out a different mastering method for this year. I might use it on "Wub Dubs", at least the sound is heavier and louder without the squahed quality you might get if you push it too far. Take care people, thanks for the support! Shoutout to all the Audiomack listeners. Check out the music player above or visit the Linktree!



The dubstep EP "#NewMusic" [2024] is out now on Bandcamp, Artcore, Audiomack and Reverbnation. Different mastering style this time, heavier and louder sound. If people like it then I might use it for more projects in the future. Once again, check out the music player above or visit the Linktree!


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